The Domus Project

Imagine living in a community where you're normal. Where the neighbours won't worry if they hear whacking noises through the wall, or if you or your partner wear a collar and chains around the house. Where it doesn't matter how many people make a "couple". Where you can work at a lifestyle-related business in the same building, and discuss the care and training of slaves over dinner.

Domus doesn't exist yet outside our dreams, but you've got to start somewhere. We start from the knowledge that everything is easier and cheaper for a group. People together can support each other; people together can save money by sharing capital equipment like washing machines and freezers; people together can afford better housing than they could possibly aim for separately.

Since BDSM people tend to be individualists, we're not thinking of an all-in commune so much as a property divided into several living units, with shared recreation space, utilities and workshops. Our own preference would be for a country property, for health as well as taste reasons - one of us has a chronic condition that needs unpoluted air to survive; but this implies members who can make a living anywhere that has post and Internet connections, as I can.

We are also Pagan and poly, so would want to join up with people who, if not the same, are at least tolerant of these. We are not committed to a location yet, except that it should be in Europe, but practical considerations like tax regimes and property prices may settle it. One possible location is a house I know on the Welsh borders, with space for two or three families in the main house, a flat over the stable/workshop block and a cottage alongside the garden; but prospective members would need a lot of capital to buy in. Other suggestions welcome!

"Domus" comes from the Latin for "home", which sounds very respectable if we have to use it to estate agents, banks etc., but the name could also be short for "Doms'R'Us." The Domus Project has only just begun: this brief summary will certainly be expanded as we develop the idea. If you would like to be involved, or simply discuss the idea with us and anyone else interested, join us on the Domus Project mailing list at or write to me at