Bertram Fox

An old softie with a whip


I've been telling stories since before I could write, and practicing BDSM since I built a Meccano rack to torture my sister's Barbie, so it seemed natural to combine the two. But for many years that meant writing for the very limited porn market, which didn't want literary quality, just plenty of flogging and fucking. I wrote Impudent Crimes in 1985 trying to bridge the gap, and fell into it: mainstream publishers said the book was pornography, porn publishers said it didn't have enough hot stuff.

Forward 25 years to digital publishing and a niche for every genre, and the nice women at XCite Books told me that what I was writing was BDSM romance. I claimed the term with delight. I think that's what I was always trying for. Even when I write grossly non-consensual stories, my characters keep falling in love. Maybe I'm just an old softie... with a whip.


I chained my second girlfriend to the bed and never went back to vanilla. In the course of a long interesting life I've lived in a bisexual foursome marriage, owned collared slaves both female and male, made fetters and dungeon furniture for a business, had more submissives than I can recall, and occasionally been on the other end of the chain. These days my wife helps me to get the sub's viewpoint right.


When I started trying to get a book published there was only one way, as a bunch of sheets of dead tree covered in ink marks. They cost a lot to make, and (before Print On Demand) had to be produced by the thousand to cover setup costs, so the people who made them needed to be sure they'd sell a lot. So like every other media gatekeeper, they tended to stick with what they knew sold. That went for the newly emerging BDSM publishers too: if it didn't fit a known formula, they weren't interested.

Today's digital publishers risk a tiny fraction of what a paper book costs to produce, but it's still not free, so they still have their templates you have to fit. I've managed to sell enough to them to believe in myself, and now it's time to believe that my work is good enough to sell without their support.

So what follows is divided into works published by someone else, with links to their sites, and those I'm presenting myself. The only difference for you, the reader, is that the works on the self-published list haven't been approved for quality by anyone but my beta readers, but please feel free to tell me your opinion, and once I figure out how I'll add a review function!